Controlled Substance/Drugs

Controlled substances, under the influence, possession, possession for sale or transport,s imports and distribution of drugs are crimes that potentially have serious consequences: lengthy jail or prison time, and possibly having to register as a narcotics offender.

Experience is essential to navigating the resolution of such a case as most courts have a calendar dedicated to particular classes of offenses. In some areas there are also courts that deal with a combination of substance abuse and mental health issues. I provide a thorough analysis of your situation and can help define the best place to resolve it.

I have over 25 years of experience in dealing with everything from small cases of possession of marijuana to large cases involving trafficking. I have successfully defended cases resulting in limited or no jail time. I am particularly devoted to the treatment of the client and will stand beside you in representation and along with all steps of your progress. In my experience, treatment can be very effective.

I can’t thank Stephanie enough…. she is not only a brilliant attorney, but a kind and compassionate human being with a beautiful heart! Stephanie went way beyond what you could expect of an attorney. I can’t put into words the depth of the kindness of this human being.
Her staff was always extremely nice, patient and empathetic to my situation, no matter how many times I would call in a state of panic.
Thank you so much for the words of wisdom, and encouragement each time we spoke, Stephanie! I can’t thank you enough, for you have given me hope and a deep belief that there are wonderful things ahead for me in my life!

– Joseph P, San Jose


Substance abuse with mental health Issues

I have extensive experience in dealing with substance abuse cases where there is a combination of factors, including substance abuse issues coupled with a mental health diagnosis. Often an accurate mental health diagnosis and treatment plan can result in a much better outcome of the underlying criminal matter.