Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the term that is used to describe verbal, physical or sexual abuse in intimate relationships: married, dating, children, parents.

Domestic violence can be charged either as a felony or a misdemeanor depending upon the conduct which led to the arrest, the prior history of the accused and the accuser and the degree of injury.

Domestic violence cases require a through investigation of the history of the accused as well as the accuser and an in- depth analysis of the injuries alleged.

To properly represent you, your attorney must understand the case from a human level. This requires the attorney to do more than read the reports and gather evidence, but to listen carefully to what his or her client says, and to have the experience and intuition to put all of the information into the context of what happened and how events unfolded. Understanding the “why” is as important as the “what.”

This can happen to anyone. This offense can be very complex with multiple motivations by the accuser including potential media exposure, restraining order and custody battles.

Some of the consequences the accused face in a domestic violence case are immigration, loss of custody, and jail time. I have extensive experience working with the courts and am very familiar with how to work with investigators on your case.


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– Kevin S. San Jose


I have represented many individuals accused of a domestic violence offense, and I understand the complex interplays in the incident itself as well as the issues involved in restraining orders and media exposure. This is a very delicate area and I treat each client with the utmost care and concern. With my extensive background in this area, I am able to provide the most effective defense and representation unique to a case’s specific circumstances. If you would like me to review your case, please contact me.