Juvenile / Young Adult

Juvenile matters require the ability to relate to the client, the probation department, and the district attorney. In more serious matters edI work with programs providing appropriate alternative placement for minors when it becomes necessary to have them explore alternative living arrangements in light of the underlying offense. Each case is unique, but all juvenile and young adult matters require the ability to relate to all the parties while keeping the client’s future as a primary consideration. I enjoy working with juveniles and young adults and am skilled at negotiating alternatives that benefit the client and his or her future.

I have known Stephanie Rickard for over 20 years now and have had to reach out to her for several family members and friends when they have had legal problems. Her integrity, ethics and moral compass is so above the typical attorney. She is highly respected within the legal ecosystem, which includes the judges, opposing counsel, staff and court clerks. Stephanie is also extremely responsive which is so important when you feel like you are in a crisis. When you tell others you are represented by Stephanie Rickard, they all know her and say she treats you fair, with respect and will do a great job for you. Isn’t that all we want? If you have a legal problem, you want Stephanie Rickard in your corner. She will guide you to the right results, there will not be any surprises and you will quickly realize you hired the right attorney for the job. Stephanie is a ‘CLASS ACT’, very professional. I highly recommend her office and services. You are in good hands with Stephanie and I am never disappointed when I have to ask for legal help.

- Kris, San Jose