Weapons Offenses

Weapons cases tend to fall into two categories. The first is an accusation based upon the accused having a prior history or probation condition that prohibits them from gun or weapon possession. The second is where an object that is capable of a legal use is used in an illegal manner such as a car or a baseball bat.

Long story short, I was facing very serious weapons charges due to California’s extremely strict firearms laws. I am a law abiding citizen, former member of the military and career software engineer that messed up 20 years ago and California charged me with various weapons and ammo charges stemming from those previous mistakes. Stephanie worked diligently and with compassion on my case. She took the time to get to know me and my situation and ability to navigate the legal morass helped me out tremendously. I was facing multiple felonies and state prison time and due to her tireless dedication she worked with the courts to get me a SINGLE misdemeanor, dismissal of the major charges with a minimal fine and a few days of community service. Stephanie saved my life, my career and my freedom and she asked very little in return. Do yourself a favor and hire Stephanie and LISTEN to what she has to say to you. Follow her guidance and you will get the best possible outcome to your case. Stephanie is the type of team member that is always working for you and I cannot emphasize enough her skills in negotiating what is best for you. I hope to never require her services again, but if and when I do I sincerely hope she is there for me to fight by my side once again. When it comes to defending yourself in court, do no rely on luck – rely on Stephanie!

- G V. San Jose, CA


Each particular offense depends on the status and prior history of the accused. These cases must be handled on an individual basis to address the circumstances unique to the charge. The penalties will vary depending on factors such as the type of weapon and what it was being used for, whether or not it was loaded, and whether or not it was concealed. These cases require thorough research of the exact nature of the prior conviction as well as a thorough evaluation of the possible interpretations of the actions of the accused. I will investigate and obtain all the underlying facts in order to present the best defense for you. Once I gain a thorough understanding the unique circumstances of any case, I can determine how to best attack the “weapons” aspect of a charge.


Stephanie is a phenomenal lawyer who will do everything in her power to help you with whatever is necessary. She makes you feel comfortable and she makes you feel at ease in your time of need. I highly recommend Stephanie!

– Adam H., Los Altos


Successful resolution of your case depends on your goals, we will work together to meet those goals. If you would like to discuss your case with me, please get the help you need now.