A theft case typically involves taking property from another with the intent to deprive the owner of that property. The scale ranges from minor theft to more serious scenarios.

In some cases there are diversionary programs for minor theft and in more complex matters repayments of money can be effective in mitigating the consequences. My primary goal is to keep my clients charged with theft from serving jail time if possible and to assist in resolving the underlying issues. I will conduct a detailed interview with you to evaluate all possible defenses. We will review the prosecution’s evidence and utilize my investigation team. Each case is unique and my experience in all levels of theft cases will allow us to obtain the best possible result.

I don’t write reviews often but what Stephanie pulled off in court for me was nothing short of a miracle (At least for me). Long story short I fired my prior attorney who was telling me I was probably going to jail b/c Santa Clara Co likes to punish people, ok.. So on short notice I called Stephanie and she agreed to show up in court the next day. In less than an hour in court she saved my job, my home and my freedom. Needless to say she’s a top-notch lawyer. Thank you Stephanie!

- Roger Y., San Jose


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